Camping Packing List

by Mitchell on October 22, 2011

We recently debuted a new feature on the Travel Packer. The templates feature allows you to use a pre-curated set of items as a basis for building your own packing list.

Currently the only template up there is for a camping packing list but we plan on adding more templates in the near future.
We’ve also updated the navigation a bit so hopefully our packing list creator is easier to use

We asked our creative director Mr. Dodd to put together a few words on the subject of camping packing lists. Here’s what he got back to us with.

“Camping is not the froofy tour on the riviera where you bring all three pearl necklaces.  It’s kind of a “less is more” experience.  Based on the average trip, which lasts three days, you’ll need very little extra.  A Stanfield, pants, change of underwear and socks.   Don’t overdo it.  Leave the St.Ives moisture at home and forget the conditioner–a fresh brook has more minerals than that stuff could if it was being manufactured by mother nature.
Then get your Buck knife, your propane stove.  Even just a little burner.  Remember that you’re roughing it.  By all means bring your Sunday best and a limited edition hardcover of The Great Gatsby instead of a onsie and a game of cards, but it’ll be the worse for wear.
Camping is a back to nature kind of experience.  Pack with that in mind.  You’ll be a kid again–swimming naked, playing in the mud, getting drunk by the fire, building a fort.  Don’t try and civilize something that doesn’t want to be civilized.  If that’s what you’re looking for–to take the rugged out of it–then go have a scotch at The Fairmont and see a show. (We do that after.)
Keep it simple, stupid.”

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