Beach Packing List

November 27, 2011

Ahhh, The Beach. Sand, water,  sunburn, and half naked people. Most people enjoy a day (or three) at the beach however many of them don’t come fully prepared. Today we’re going to quickly go over your packing list for a typical “day at the beach”

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Vegalta Sendai!

November 22, 2011

This weekend I had a chance to get my feet wet (literally) at my first J-League Football (soccer) game. Vegalta Sendai was playing the Urawa Reds (the home team). I attended at the invitation of my co-worker Sasaki-San and as a result found myself cheering for Sendai (his team). I arrived slightly late as I [...]

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Halloween in Japan

November 12, 2011

As a proud North America, Halloween has been one of those holidays I’ve always celebrated in a variety of fashions. I started trick or treating at a very young age and have scarcely missed a year. I was curious to see how Hallows Eve would go down in Japan. It seemed like almost every store [...]

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Camping Packing List

October 22, 2011

We recently debuted a new feature on the Travel Packer. The templates feature allows you to use a pre-curated set of items as a basis for building your own packing list. Currently the only template up there is for a camping packing list but we plan on adding more templates in the near future. We’ve [...]

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Making a Travel Packing List

October 17, 2011

If you are planning on travelling for an extended period of time you will need to make sure that you bring the right stuff with you. Yes, you can buy stuff while abroad but this can be time consuming, difficult, and more expensive. It makes sense to gather together the basic items you will need [...]

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Odaiba: Tokyo

October 16, 2011

Odaiba is a man made island in the centre (ish) of Tokyo. It consists of buildings, sandy beaches, Joypolis (a giant sega amusement park), the much smaller sister of the Statue of Liberty, and a mini Eiffel Tower. At least thats what I encountered the first time I went there.

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What to Pack for a beach vacation

October 15, 2011

Lots of people enjoy going to the beach. Families spend their entire summer vacations there and university/college students are famous for their spring break beach parties. Spending time at the beach can be wonderful, relaxing, and a lot of fun. However if your not prepared for the beach you  may be in for an unpleasant [...]

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Aggressive Streetwalking (aka Parkour): The everyman’s leisure

September 21, 2011

That whole routine “only the boring are bored” was invented by adults, and they don’t understand anything, least of all the definition of fun.  Well–the travel packer to the rescue! One concern when you’re traveling tends to be finances.  Whether you were broke when you left or broke once you drank, chances are if you’re [...]

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Buying Bread Without the Crusts

September 11, 2011

So, I was cruising through the grocery store the other day when i saw something quite peculiar. it was a package of bread with the crusts ALREADY CUT OFF. As you can imagine, I was pretty shell shocked. In addition to the lack of crusts the bread was also packaged the same way they package [...]

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Tokyo: Asakusa

September 9, 2011

I recently moved to Tokyo, Japan. I’ll be putting up a “First Impressions” post soonish but here’s a quick write up of what I got up to yesterday. Yesterday, I went and checked out an area called Asakusa. It’s a very traditional district that used to be the entertainment hub of Tokyo (before WW2). It [...]

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