Calimocho Recipe

Crafting CaliMocho: Or, how to turn that shitty 1 euro bottle of wine into something magical

by Mitchell on January 6, 2012

I first mentioned CaliMocho in my five drinks discovered while travelling post. Since then, I’ve enjoyed many a glass of this delightful Spanish specialty. At the request of countless readers I’ve decided to show you all how to make this drink.

So, without further ado. My top-secret CaliMocho recipe.

Step 1: Purchase bottle of cheap red wine (.50 to 5 euros) and a 2L of coke

Step 2: Return to hostel, put said cheap bottle of wine and coke in fridge/freezer

Step 3: Ignore hostel wine aficionados who tell you to “never refrigerate a red”

Step 4: Remove wine and coke and mix together at a 50% ratio. You can mix in your cup/glass or really get the party going and mix together in the largest container you can find (plastic bags work great) and share freely. Throw some ice into the mix and get down.

Step 5: Watch hostel wine aficionados gaze at you in adoration and amazement at the genius, delicious, drink you have concocted before their eyes.

So, there you have it. 5 simple steps to turn terrible wine into a refreshing beverage.

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