Buying Bread Without the Crusts

by Mitchell on September 11, 2011

So, I was cruising through the grocery store the other day when i saw something quite peculiar. it was a package of bread with the crusts ALREADY CUT OFF. As you can imagine, I was pretty shell shocked. In addition to the lack of crusts the bread was also packaged the same way they package tofu (this is what I first thought it was). I asked a Japanese friend and the explanation was that it’s for sandwiches and that the crusts are hard on the teeth. Buying bread like this is completely normal here.

Anyways, I decided to try this stuff out so I bought a pack and took it home. I crafted this sandwich with lettuce, cheese, cucumber, ham, and Japanese mayo (which is delicious). It tasted pretty good but it was weird because I’d never eaten crustless sandwiches before. In fact, I used to always make fun of my friends who got their crusts off.

Crustless Bread Sandwich
Anyways, probably not the most adventurous new food experience to be had in Japan but a new one nonetheless.

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