Halloween in Japan

by Mitchell on November 12, 2011

As a proud North America, Halloween has been one of those holidays I’ve always celebrated in a variety of fashions.
I started trick or treating at a very young age and have scarcely missed a year.

I was curious to see how Hallows Eve would go down in Japan.

It seemed like almost every store in Tokyo was decorating for the occasion so I started to get very excited. My excitement was lessened as the search for a pumpkin began. None of the grocery stores had pumpkins or anything resembling one. I was able to find a few mini-squash type things which could possibly be turned into midget pumpkins but they weren’t to my liking.

At last I found a specialty fruit and veg store that was selling pumpkins for the low low price of $20-$30 a pop. Now I must admit that I’ve never actually bought a pumpkin in North America. Usually they are supplied by family members or unsuspecting neighbours. So, I’m not sure if this is an accurate pumpkin price but to me it seemed a little bit ridiculous!

Anyways, we had a pumpkin and my friend got her first chance to carve one. Check it out below.
Halloween in Japan

So, the weekend of Halloween came and I took it pretty easy.
I went for a stroll on Saturday night and saw a few painted faces and I’m sure if I’d ventured to the hotspots I would have seen a few more.

I walked into work on Halloween day (a Monday) and was disappointed to see that I was the only one wearing a costume.

Anyways, after a solid day at work I returned home for some Halloween crepes and Ghost Busters (1 and 2).
I had a pile of mini chocolate Aero’s just in case there were any trick or treaters but alas there were not.
I was also disappointed (and a bit proud) to see that my pumpkin was the only one on the block (and most likely the neighbourhood).

So, is there Halloween in Japan?
But its not nearly as evolved as the North American version and it seems to be mainly focused around store promotions and nightclub events.

If you have any wild Halloween tales or questions then please leave them in the comments below!

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