Aggressive Streetwalking (aka Parkour): The everyman’s leisure

by Sam on September 21, 2011

Aggressive Streetwalking a European Stair Set

That whole routine “only the boring are bored” was invented by adults, and they don’t understand anything, least of all the definition of fun.  Well–the travel packer to the rescue!
One concern when you’re traveling tends to be finances.  Whether you were broke when you left or broke once you drank, chances are if you’re a traveling youth, money will be tight.  All the trust-fund babies can stop reading this now.  Same goes for those who actually saved money.  You can go have fun watching paint dry or playing online scrabble or whatever turns those simpleton gears.
But for those adventurous travelers that like to live life on the edge, this little dissertation may prove useful, because it’s free and fun, and can lead to good memories and great stories.

Aggressive Streetwalking the whole street

Enter aggressive streetwalking.  The elephant in the room.  This one is the embodiment of existential fun.  Lost? Tired of roundabout walking routes? Just need some “straight” up excitement, then look no further.
Aggressive streetwalking is a form of leisurely exercise that decrees the following: pick your destination and go there…in a straight line.  Often times this turns into aggressive yardhopping, but regardless, it is a very cost-effective means of entertainment.  For example: you’re lost in the outskirts of a city–climb the highest building you see and find the area where the lights are the brightest.  Then throw your map away.  If the infrastructure is dense enough, then take the roofs for as long possible. If not, then get back on the ground and…as the crow flies.  Only difference is you can’t fly.
From the cobbled streets of Western Europe to the backyard suburbia of middle America, there is no place on earth that a person can’t streetwalk in.  Architecture and fencing is always going to exist, and you’ll always have to find away over it.  You’ll find yourself saying: “just another obstacle, no big deal.”

Aggressive Streetwalking Injuries
I could digress now to the physical side where you get a great core workout from working the variety of different muscle groups, or warn of the potential legal ramifications of trespassing in a foreign country, but I’ll instead set you to the task.  Either jailed or sore, or maybe just on the other side–try it for yourself, you may make it in one piece, at very little cost to you.  And that’s the whole point, right?

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Libation Pimp September 21, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Great article. You’ve got some great staff writers. Drank guises on me.


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