cruise packing list

Cruise Packing List

by Mitchell on December 1, 2011

Packing for a Cruise

This is a guest post by Ellis Green

For those of you who have never embarked on a cruise before, deciding on what to pack may pose you a few problems. Obviously, choosing which clothing and accessories to pack can heavily depend on what part of the world you are cruising to and the time of year that you travel. It is highly recommended that you draw up a thorough packing list and follow it as closely as possible, because any items you forget may be hard to pick up on board or at local shops. That being said, here at LoveCruise we have compiled a general guide for first-time cruisers or those packing for a last minute cruise!

What to pack for a cruise

Daytime Clothing

For the majority of warmer climate cruises, your daytime clothing will generally consist of shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses and open toed sandals. Daytime attire regulations tend to be very relaxed on board, so feel free to casually stroll around in your swimwear and enjoy the numerous pools and spas. For days when you are in port, we recommend a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a small backpack, light clothing and some form of hat. It is important not to get caught out by the weather conditions. For example, cruises to Alaska are commonly believed to be very cold, icey experiences, which to a certain extent is true. However, sunshine in Alaska can be very powerful, so be sure to cover up and apply suitable sun protection lotion! Even in exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, be sure to pack a light jacket to protect you from occasional brisk winds.

what to pack for a cruise

Dinnertime Clothing

Different cruise lines apply different dress codes at dinner time. It is strongly advised that you check the different regulations thoroughly before you pack. A majority of cruise ships have at least one restaurant where a formal dress code is implied. Three-piece suits, sports jackets, evening dresses and dinner suits are all suitable. (There will also be restaurants suitable for those who are more comfortable with a relaxed dress code.)

Packing List for a cruise

Evening Clothing

A majority of the bars, clubs & entertainment areas on board are casual dress, so feel to get changed into something less formal after dinner. This is obviously just a matter of preference, but planning ahead can relieve the stress of getting caught short of an evening. Jeans, trousers, dresses, shirts, sweaters, smart trainers and shoes are all commonly seen of an evening.

Extras & Accessories for your cruise

For those who are likely to take part in a few shore excursions during their cruise adventure things such as hiking boots, cameras & video recorders and swimming accessories are all recommended. Any shore excursion that is snorkeling based will always provide the suitable equipment, so do not worry too much about that. In addition to this, cruise ships have snorkel gear available for day-hire for anybody interested in finding a quiet beach and snorkeling at their own leisure. When in port, make sure you have your passports, medical certificates and some money on you at all times, in case of emergencies. Carrying some smaller notes around can also help with any tips you may want to leave.

Ensure that your luggage is very distinctive, to allow for easier collection among the thousands on board when you are embarking/disembarking. Pack a smaller bag with everyday necessities and do your best to keep it within reach at all times. Batteries can be very expensive on board, so remember to pack spares for your cameras etc. Check the international rates with your mobile phone provider before you travel, as well as remembering your chargers. Prepare yourself for spending time in your cabin due to inclement weather with books, magazines, personal stereos etc. (Better to be safe than sorry!) Many cruise ships have Wi-Fi access in certain areas so feel free to bring laptops on board. Any cruisers interested in bringing their own bottles of wine on board should check with the cruise line beforehand. This is usually accepted, however there may be a small service charge, so be sure to check this out.

If you have your own cruise packing tips then please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


Cruise Packing List

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