Tripl: A Social Travel web app reviewed

by Mitchell on December 13, 2011

Tripl has been on my radar for awhile.
I’m not sure how I heard about them but once I got to their website
I was sucked in my their ridiculously good UI design and have been
following them ever since. I was part of their invite only beta and I’ve
seen Tripl grow from a pretty cool idea with a nice looking website to a truly
awesome social travel experience.
The core premise of Tripl is to expose you to a network of recommended (by your friends) locals in places all around the world.
So, when your travelling somewhere new, you have a friend of a friend to hang out with you and show you around.
You can also connect with other like minded travellers near you and plan trips to anywhere in the world.

The Tripl team created a quick overview video. Watch it below to get a feel for Tripl and see how it works.

What I like most about Tripl is that it is super easy to use. Most of the work is done automatically for you by connecting to your Facebook account.
It pulls all your friends info and you can choose whether to recommend them as “must meets” and invite them to Tripl or not. This allows you to only target the people who you think would benefit from using Tripl

The only thing I initially didn’t like about Tripl is that it automatically posted to my friend walls when I recommended them as a “must meet local”.
I realize that in order for this to work, my friends need to join Tripl as well but I would have liked a bit of control (or warning) before this happened. The Tripl team was super quick to respond to this concern and has already updated their app so you can choose to post to a wall or send a personal message to your friends instead.

Tripl seems to be getting bigger every day. I was recently featured on Tech Crunch and most people seem to really enjoy using the service. I’m excited to see where it goes and can’t wait till I start travelling again so I can fully take advantage of this powerful little web app.


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