Getting Batty in Austin Texas

by Mitchell on August 15, 2011

 Bats in Austin Texas

A few weeks ago I heard about a strange phenomenon that’s been occuring in Austin Texas.
There is a bridge there called the “Congress Bridge” which is home to somewhere around 1.5 million bats. Due to a bug scarcity these bats are coming out earlier than normal to go hunting. As a result, you can see them come out of this bridge en-masse. Since I was going on a road trip to Alabama I made sure to put this bat bridge into the itinerary.

We made it to Austin in time to see the bats and it was pretty awesome.
I threw a quick video of the bats together. You can check it out below.

Hope you liked the video.
If you want to know more about the road trip. Read my “USA road trip roundup” here.

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